About Crystal


Five words that describe me:
friendly, creative, sincere, energetic, dedicated.

Why I wanted to be a wedding photographer:
I’m a sucker for romance, a good story, and meeting interesting people.  Wedding photography satiates all of those interests, and allows me to get behind my camera at the same time (one of my very favorite things)!  I consider it a high honor to be invited to share in someone’s big day, and trusted with the task of preserving what are sure to be some of their most treasured memories.  As a wedding photographer I have the privilege of bearing witness to and documenting all the emotion and details surrounding the celebration from start to finish.  How fun!

My photography style:
I would say that my photography style is reflective.  I believe that the images I take should illustrate my clients personalities and represent their relationship as much as possible.  I always shoot a mix of posed and candid photos throughout the day.  I take a fun and relaxed approach when posing my clients for portraits – I provide some light instruction and creative suggestion and will be sure to position you in optimal light, however I encourage your own interaction as well!  I want my clients to relax, enjoy the experience, and engage with each other – that’s when the magic happens and I’m able to capture those honest moments.  

My experience in the wedding industry:
I attained my photography diploma from Algonquin College in 2002, my Fine Arts BA in 2007, and have been working my camera ever since!  I’ve photographed everything from products and interiors, infants and families, weddings and corporate events.

Why I love weddings:
It’s the feeling I get when I see the range and honesty of emotions, the beauty of witnessing age old customs and traditions experienced anew, the enormity and significance of the day, as a union is formed and promises are made.  Two people, two families, two lives coming together to become forever entwined.  There is no bittersweet in a wedding – only joy, family and love… and sometimes a little chaos to add to the excitement.  What’s not to love?

Why I love being a wedding photographer:
Being a wedding photographer is the ultimate interactive fly-on-the wall experience!  I suppose I could equate it to being an extra on the set of my favorite chic flic, but better! The excitement,  joy, nerves, laughter, tears and all the funny, beautiful moments in between are playing out right in front of me – except it’s the real deal…nothing false or scripted.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?  It’s so exciting!

The most important piece of advice I have for a newly engaged couple:
Roll with it.  No matter how much planning and preparation you do, chances are the day will not unfold exactly as you envisioned.. It’s okay!  You’ve done your best, now get in there, live it and love it.  Adopt the mishaps and imperfections and view them with good humor- they are just as much a memorable detail of your wedding day as anything else.  Perfect imperfections.

Why I should be your wedding photographer:
I’ll be your insta-friend for the day (and longer if you decide you love me and can’t do without!).  I take pride in my work, and want nothing more than to give you the best I have to offer.  I’m super easy to work with and will have you comfortable in front of the camera, relaxed and having fun in no time!  

If I weren’t a wedding photographer, my dream job would be:
Painter!…or maybe an art teacher.  A baker?  Maybe run a bed and breakfast in a super awesome setting, like in the mountains near Lake Louise, BC, or on the coast of the Atlantic in New Brunswick… then I could dabble in all of the above!    

Languages Spoken:

Invaluable Member of the Captured Soul Photography Family
Since 2016.

Crystal’s Ontario Wedding Photography packages start at $900. for three hours and range up to $2150. taxes included for a full 12 hour day.  Her portfolio and custom package calculator can be found right here.

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