Laura & Steve

“Michelle seemed to ‘get us’ as a couple and offered exactly what we wanted in her packages. We opted to have an engagement shoot before the wedding, which was great because it gave us a chance to get a feel for the way she likes to work, and got us comfortable in front of the camera. She encouraged us to be silly and to try things, which resulted in some amazing photos to display at our wedding.
Having Michelle at our wedding was like having a very talented friend who happened to be taking a bunch of pictures of you throughout the day. She ran with every idea that we threw at her (even the wacky ones) and had brilliant plans of her own. The photos came out beautifully, they were exactly what we wanted and two years later, we still look at them all the time. We really liked the detail shots she took of the venue, the flowers, the food and the accessories, and the moments she captured throughout the day. We love the way that our day looks through Michelle’s lens.
The very best thing about working with Michelle is that even if you don’t have the words to describe exactly what you want, she just seems to understand. She knows just what to do and where to be so that you end up with the perfect shot. We wholeheartedly recommend Captured Soul  –  Thanks Michelle!”