Dominique & Adam

“It has to be said: The photos are spectacular!!! We can’t believe how beautifully they turned out. All this time I thought the camera would show we had no idea what we were doing, but you really put us at ease and made it not only simple for us, but so much fun.
I’m so giddy that I’m really at a loss for words, but I had to let you know how incredibly pleased we are with the work that you’ve done. You’ve given us such a gift with the images you’ve captured, I know we will look back at them for years to come with such great joy, remembering that day, the silliness, the love and our amazing, easy going, fun photographer who knew in her heart exactly how to capture the beauty in simplicity and convey through images the love we share. We are so very lucky to have you be such a big part of our big day, and we can’t wait to see you again. You are a gem, Michelle. For lack of a better word…thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for not only capturing pictures but also memories, for a fantastic day, gorgeous photographs that truly encapsulate the essence of us, and agreeing… to document this heartfelt event for us. I know you must hear it all the time, but you are unbelievably talented. You have such a gift of capturing images which tell a story so profoundly, it amazes me. Your professionalism and artistic eye are unparalleled. We just can’t put into words the smiles you’ve brought to our faces.
… Just wanted to add that we had such a great time with you. It really helped to loosen us up and become comfortable to be in front of the lens as opposed to being behind it taking the shots. We love your fun, upbeat personality, you made us laugh so much … [and] had so many great ideas for photo ops and angles… Really happy that we will have you sharing and documenting our special day “