Caryn & James

“Our wedding day was most certainly a day to remember, and if we could, we would relive it over and over again.  Apart from doing so, we have the second best option available all of the time – the photos.  We cannot express how thankful we are to Michelle and Lindsay at Captured Soul Photography for investing their time, energy and talent into our wedding.  We are so thrilled with the photos and know that as time goes by and memories fade, we will always have the beautiful and priceless photos to help us remember the special moments, family members and friends that made our special day so important.  Also tucked into our back pockets, we have some hilarious photos our family and friends – you never know when they will come in handy. And if a guest at our wedding is looking to create a dating profile on a website about a body of water and its inhabitants, we just may have a photo for that too!”