Prints & Copyrights


We want you to love your photos forever. We love it when we see them hanging in your homes, in the albums that we (or you) create, and the creative slideshows that keep your family and friends riveted.

All of our packages include “Home Use Rights” which means that although the copyright to the images always belongs automatically to your photographer, you have full licence to print (photographic prints or albums), or share (watermarked photos via web, unmarked photos via slideshow) your photos with family and friends. The photos in your package are all hand-edited for colour, contrast, and artistic rendering and are given to you in two formats – a web format (elegantly watermarked) so you can share photos online without worrying about violating copyright laws, and a high resolution print format so you may take your photos to your favourite local commercial printer and get as many prints made as you would like – and we give you a card saying exactly this so your printer is fully aware of your permissions. This way, you never have to come back to us for prints, unless of course, you want to.

Please remember that if you print through a commercial printing house, that you must request that they turn off any auto colour-correct settings that usually run on their machines as all of our photos are already colour corrected. Because of this, you should never print any images we give you through photo kiosks or home printers.

We also provide you with a private gallery at a professional printing house for at least one year from your session (portrait, wedding, etc) for very reasonably priced professional prints (at a quality that is usually much better than your local commercial printer).

We love capturing you and we are proud of our work, so the only thing that you aren’t able to do with your photos is to alter them, sell them, or claim them as your own (or anyone other than the photographer’s) work.

For the full “legalese” of home use rights, please see below:

Our contract includes “Home Use Rights,” which means that you can use the images for personal, non-transferable, and noncommercial uses. You may make as many prints as you like for yourself or to give away as gifts. You may copy the disc to facilitate storing a backup in a separate location, but you may not give out copies of the disc to any person outside your immediate family. You are personally liable for communicating the limitations of this contract to any person who receives a disc copy, and you are personally liable for any illegal uses that arise from the distribution of the disc copies. You may not sell the images files or prints produced from the files whether in original form or after any amount of alteration. Other persons may not use the image files as a basis for the creation of any artworks if that artwork is to be used for any commercial purpose. The images may not be released or transferred to any other person or company, whether for profit or as a gift without permission of the photographer. The images may not be used in any commercial media, for any purpose whatsoever, without permission of the photographer. If you have a question about any specific usage, please contact the photographer to ask for clarification before proceeding with such use.