Jennie & Ryan

Jennie and Ryan’s musical Muskoka wedding day!

Not even a little rain could dampen the dream wedding this Captured Soul couple had imagined at their family cottage in Muskoka!  Guests were boated in for what would be an intimate wedding experience not soon to be forgotten. Our wedding photographers Michelle and Luc were there and we’re thrilled to share this day with you!

Here are just a few photos as a tease…click to go to Jennie & Ryan’s gallery for many more wedding day images!

Here are the details!
Photographer: Michelle & Luc
Photo Package Chosen: Custom 8 Hour + Love/Trash the Dress Session
Final # of Edited Photos Delivered to Couple: 1225
Ceremony Venue: Family Cottage on Mary Lake,  Muskoka
Photo Portrait Locations: Pine Lodge Inn, Family Cottage on Mary Lake, Muskoka
Reception Venue: Pine Lodge Inn, Port Sydney, Ontario
Florist: Cottage Country Flowers
Hair: Tricia Hartung – Coco Salon, Kitchener
Make-up: Stephanie Courchesne
Dress Purchased at: Taylor’s Bridal, Elmira
Groomswear: RW & Co
Cake: Dairy Queen

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Here’s a tale of two lovers from our Ontario Muskoka Wedding couple Jennie and Ryan:

This story is that of two rival volleyball teams not unlike the Montagues and Capulets from Romeo and Juliet. Ryan and Jennie were a forbidden love that defied all odds- a girl from an “A” division team and a boy from a “B” division team trying to propel his team into the “A” division. Their teams played each other on a few occasions and happened to face each other on the last night of volleyball before the Christmas break. Both teams went out for drinks and chicken wings after their match where Jennie and Ryan discovered they were chicken wing soulmates- she likes flats and he likes the drumsticks. And the rest, as they say, was history!

Jennie always envisioned a small wedding at Mary Lake in Muskoka where her family had vacationed ever since she was a baby. They planned an intimate gathering of their closest friends and family. The property they had their ceremony at was water-access only, which led to the interesting logistical project of how to get their guests over and back! Unfortunately the weather was not fully in their favour that day, and although the guests were transported safely over and the storm held out through the ceremony, shortly after the clouds rolled in which led to a scramble for the cottage and a few unfortunate guests trapped in the middle of the lake in a boat with a broken propeller and low on gas (sorry, Uncle Dave!)

Michelle and Luc did a great job of capturing the day- putting us and camera-shy family members at ease and directing the shots. We couldn’t be happier with how our pictures turned out. Jennie had to be convinced into a Trash the Dress ceremony the day after the wedding, but Michelle explained that they end up being some of the best pictures because the stress the wedding is behind you, and the bride and groom can just relax and have fun, and Michelle was right! The traditional ceremony photos are beautiful and special, but we had so much fun dragging Michelle up and down cliffs and into the water. Thanks again to Michelle and team for doing such a fabulous job!