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The most fun we ever get to have is capturing you.  Who you are, what you love, who you love, what you do. For 10 years, Captured Soul Photography has shot engagement & couples sessions, portrait sessions, boudoir sessions, trash the dress sessions, and family sessions (as well, of course, as weddings) but really, all of these “session names” are just part of a greater thing…  Portrait sessions are more than just about getting dressed up and finding a standard, pretty spot to shoot lovely pictures.  This is why we don’t have a studio – It’s why we will travel anywhere to capture moments that make you YOU.

So we have created the CAPTURE YOU session.  The all-in-one photo session that will capture whatever or whomever is important to you.  Whether you want to capture the relationship with the person you love, the family you love, the dress you got married in, or simply the person you are, we are thrilled to capture this for you.  In love with your pets?  Have a secret spot underneath the trees that you hang out at with your partner?  Want to re-capture your first date at that perfect restaurant or the local fair?  Maybe get out to the bleachers in your favourite sports jersey or have a fun day playing at the beach with the family?  What about a girls day out at the spa, or perhaps a solo sexy session to strut your stuff?

Though you will still find all of our sessions still individually named on our website, it really is all the same thing.  Whether you want an engagement, portrait, boudoir, trash the dress, graduation, family, or a (enter your stylistic & cool name here) photo session, we are here for you.  We don’t care what you call it, it’s a photography session that’s fun, and all about you.

We love who you are.  Let us CAPTURE YOU.  Book your session now!

We’ll go practically anywhere in the world to capture your dream, your life, and your love.
Based in Cambridge Ontario – Photographing World-Wide
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all photos on this page taken by Michelle Kauntz