Ashley & Michael

Ashley & Michael’s unforgettable Paradise Island destination wedding!

Here are just a few photos as a tease… click to go to Ashley & Michael’s gallery for many more wedding week images!

Here are the details!
Photographer: Michelle
Photo Package Chosen: 8 Hour Custom Package
Final # of Edited Photos Delivered to Couple: 1216
Resort: Riu Palace Paradise Island, Bahamas
Travel Agent: Estelle Oldroyd, Merit Travel Group, Mississauga Ontario
Sessions: 6 Hour Wedding Day, Trash/Love the Dress Session

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Here is Ashley & Michael’s Wedding Story as told by Ashley!

Every little girl dreams about her wedding day right? At least I know that I did. I thought about the dress, the flowers, the location and of course the groom, ever since I was very little.

During a brief rough time in my life, a girlfriend convinced me to sign up for an online dating site. It didn’t take very long until I met my next boyfriend. I could very well turn this summary into a novel just by describing our first date and the next 2 short years that followed, but I won’t.

After 2 years, he proposed. He planned a wonderful party and invited about 40 of our closest family and friends to watch as he bent down on one knee. “From this Moment” by Shania Twain played softly in the background, with candle light, dozens of roses and the anticipation of 40 people, I said “YES!”

One year later, we were married. After much planning, organizing and excitement about our big week in Bahamas, the day was finally here for us to exchange our vows on the beach. Little did we know, most of the day and most of the tiny details planned, would turn out to be a complete disaster!

My “professional” make-up application was a complete mess, so bad that I had to redo it myself, our chuppa on the beach had no fabric wrapped around it, the lace for my corset back dress went missing and delayed the ceremony for over an hour, our center-pieces never arrived, our sand ceremonial set was completed by the wedding planner setting up the dinner tables instead of waiting for us at the beach…… I know right…. You’re probably thinking, “what else could go wrong here!?” But this list does continue.

As I was about to walk down the isle, literally, someone whispers to me that my groom is not feeling well. I thought “ya, ya, Mike is always ‘not feeling well’…” Turns out that he truly was not feeling well. He almost didn’t make it to the ceremony at all, and even asked the minister to “speed things up” half way through. After our kiss, we sped back up the isle and he left for the room for the rest of the day and night. He was very sick with a fever of 103 and couldn’t keep liquids down. Needless to say, he missed out on pictures, dinner, speeches and any party that could have happened late into the night.

So all of my planning of the small details for our wedding, everything that seemed so big and problematic at the beginning of the day, now seemed so small when I was sitting at the head table without my new husband.

Now that its again one year later, reflecting back on the day, we laugh. Its bittersweet of course. Of all the things that went wrong, including the many things not even mentioned above, there are two that could not have gone better. Having our closest family and friends come all the way to Bahamas, use up their vacation time and money to come and see US get married, meant the world to Mike and I. We couldn’t have asked for a better turnout. It was truly so very special to be able to get away with them for a week.

This next reason deserves its down paragraph. Michelle. Michelle was…there are no words to describe her. Her work on its own speaks for itself. She made our wedding day look like the perfect day that I had planned for and thought of my whole life, a reality. When I look back at these beautiful pictures today, I don’t dwell on the negatives, but I remember the positives. The happy moments. The smiles, the hugs, the kisses and the good company I was in. The love that I felt from everyone, especially my new ‘official’ family, will live on in these pictures forever.

The best decision I ever made about the wedding, aside from saying “YES!” to the man of my dreams, was to have Captured Soul Photography capture each of the souls that was with us, and with me when my husband couldn’t be.

So thank you Michelle, for your great company, bubbly personality and ‘hard’ work (wink-wink) throughout not only our wedding day, but for the entire vacation week. You truly added to the experience and I would have you do it all over again in a heart beat.

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