Adriana & Jamie

Adriana & Jamie’s “One Love” Riviera Maya Destination wedding!

Here are just a few photos as a tease… click to go to Adriana & Jamie’s gallery for many more wedding day images!

Here are the details!
Photographer: Michelle
Photo Package Chosen: You Will Love It full-week package
Final # of Edited Photos Delivered to Couple: 1802
Resort: Grand Sunset Princess, Riviera Maya, Mexico
Travel Agent: Kerrie McColman, itravel2000
Sessions: Coba Ruins & Mayan Village Excursion, Full Wedding Day, Trash/Love the Dress Session

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Here is Adriana & Jamie’s Reality Wedding Story as told by Adriana herself and as featured on the WeddingLovely blog!


“Having met at a part time job, going to the same high school, and being in the same English class; all 3 places in which I forbid myself to fall in love… it all happened. It started off as a friendship; grew into a best friendship, flourished into a loving relationship, and the minute we said ‘I DO’ on the sandy beaches of the Mayan Riviera 9 years later, our lives truly began.

We got engaged on a Caribbean cruise in 2008, the engagement ring was purchased in Puerto Rico, the wedding took place in Mexico, our wedding song ‘Is This Love’ by Bob Marley, and with our marriage motto being ‘ONE LOVE’, we were destined to have a Caribbean-feel to our lives together.

I bought my dress at Sophia’s Bridal, ($1,300) located on King St. E, the guys attire were purchased at Stars ($200) at Fairview Mall, and the girls dresses at Winners ($25)! We wanted to keep it light, and casual as we were having a beach wedding. I wore ‘borrowed’ shoes and a pearl necklace from my mother-in-law, and a blue bobbie pin for good luck. I wanted a traditional bridal-look, but that could reflect the beach atmosphere. Airy lace, traditional suits, and pastel orange is what made my dream picture for our ONE LOVE Wedding!

We decided to have a destination wedding for the mere fact that we had been together for 8 years, and wanted to get married on our 9th anniversary – Feb 14th, 2011. We were never fond of having a traditional wedding, and spending 20+ thousand on one day. We wanted to spend time with our dearest family and friends that helped us through every step of our relationship. This was us giving back to them. Watching us walk down the aisle in a remote country, and then having 6 days to party, celebrate, relax, and recoup. It showed us that these 40 guests really wanted to travel just to support us.

The resort we chose was the Grand Sunset Princess – spectacular is all I have to say. The food, the people, the beach, the entertainment, it was all I could ever ask for. I met with a wedding coordinator the day after we arrived, whom took 2 hrs of our time to arrange and confirm the final details, and then sent us off to the beach…. and the rest was history. They scheduled a welcome dinner, and a farewell dinner for our entire group. We thought that was essential strictly because we wanted to start the week off and end the week off together. The day of the wedding, a cart took the girls to the site, the ceremony was about 20min, and pictures were taken right on the beach. We had a private hour long dance on the beach, followed by an Italian dinner at Mia Mia Restaurant – was great to add a little of my heritage to the destination wedding. Dinner was great, food was super tasty, the venue was intimate, and the toasts and speeches were emotional. From there, we walked out to the centre square where there was entertainment happening. Knowing it was Valentines day, they had a skit taking place with cupid and angels, and a giant heart cake. From a distance, the announcer saw us and called us over. It was the most spontaneous act we’ve ever done. They made us stand in front of the entire resort and confess out love to each other. It was so surreal, a moment in which was not planned, but captured our day and what it truly meant to us both.

The photography for me was the biggest decision I’d have to make. Pictures to me is what keeps the memory alive, what makes the dream a reality, and I couldn’t have done it without Michelle Kauntz! I found her through facebook – I know, go figure. You change your status to married, and all kinds of ads related to that comes up. I saw a lot, I mean A LOT of photographers, but nothing caught my eye. I remember like it was yesterday, I was sitting with my laptop playing around on facebook, and BAM! I saw this picture of 2 people on a cruise boat, like it was taken out of a movie; titanic maybe?! The colours were so vivid, almost drawn. Is this real? so I clicked on it and it led me to ‘Captured Soul Photography – specializing in Destination Wedding’. I kept reading and the information provided, I thought ‘I think I found my photographer! There office was in Kitchener, and they travel with the wedding party! PERFECT!!!!! I must book with her. When I contacted Michelle, she informed me that she was unable to work with us as another couple booked her for the same time frame. My dreams were crushed. I did not want anyone else, so I didn’t even continue my search for anyone else.
A couple months later, I get am email from Michelle, asking if I was still interested? Of course I was……!!!! I knew in my gut that this was not over with. It was an emotional roller coaster, but in the end, it was meant to be…. and for that, I am eternally grateful for her and for me not giving up. There is not one day that goes by where I don’t look at my pictures. She is the top talent for destination weddings, and no one will ever compare, or even come close.

That is the story of how I met my best friend, my soul mate, and together we planned our ONE LOVE destination wedding in Mexico, with the accompaniment of 40 of our closest, most favourite people in the world.”

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