About Reba


Five words that describe me:
enthusiastic, unique, dedicated, empathetic, adventurous.


My advice on picking your wedding photographer:
When you choose one of our fantastic wedding photographers, you’re not just choosing someone to take pretty pictures.  We are your dress assistants, your mom consolers, your wine holders, your ultimate problem solvers and the story weavers of your amazing day. We become a part of your day and capture your entire (and exceptional) experience of being married and the celebration your love.
You’re going to spend one of your most amazing days with paparazzi by your side from the moment you’re getting dressed to the embrace of the last dance. So choose someone you feel comfortable with, so that having them there enhances the experience and makes the day more fun, more enjoyable and far more relaxed.

My Bio and what’s next for me:
I’m basically an expert on/in Love. I have my BA in Sexuality Marriage & Family Studies, which I’ve used to create my coaching business encompassing body love, relationships and sexual health. I also have an absolute obsession with cheesy, romantic and epic love stories, which makes me everyone’s go-to girl for all things love.
After concluding assisting all the amazing photographers here at Captured Soul, I’m continuing to build my career as a holistic movement facilitator and all around spiritual badass. I’m most excited for the Ecstatic dance experiences I’m facilitating in the KW region and beyond as well as diving into writing erotic novels! But don’t worry, I will always be inspiring folks to find their own sense of Badass Body Love so they can fall in love with themselves, their deepest loves and the world around them.


Invaluable Member of the Captured Soul Photography Family
From 2016 to 2017.

We’ll go practically anywhere in the world to capture your dream, your life, and your love.
Based in Cambridge Ontario – Photographing World-Wide
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