About Reba


Five words that describe me:
enthusiastic, unique, dedicated, empathetic, adventurous.

Why do I love weddings?
I’m obsessed with relationships, gorgeous flowers and ceremonies celebrating love. Weddings fulfill all of those needs. And, as a relationship coach and die hard romantic, I love that we have entire days and weeks (destination wedding anyone?) dedicated to celebrating the people we cherish most. Making that heartfelt commitment to be loving and kind and supportive of each other through our lives together is one of the most beautiful moments in life to celebrate (and you can get a lot of gorgeous photos to-boot!).

I’ll be here for you:
I’m the administrative coordinator, financial organizer and problem solver extraordinaire for Captured Soul Photography. As much as I love being centre stage, at Captured Soul I am the behind the scenes manager that takes care of all of the back end details to connect our fabulous photographers to you! I’ll be the first person you connect with when you send us your request, and the last person to connect with you when you tell us how much you loved our fantastic wedding photography experience. I’m also the face of our online fabulousness and am working to become an Instagram wizard, Facebook fiend, and social media maven.

My advice on picking your wedding photographer:
When you choose one of our fantastic wedding photographers, you’re not just choosing someone to take pretty pictures.  We are your dress assistants, your mom consolers, your wine holders, your ultimate problem solvers and the story weavers of your amazing day. We become a part of your day and capture your entire (and exceptional) experience of being married and the celebration your love.
You’re going to spend one of your most amazing days with paparazzi by your side from the moment you’re getting dressed to the embrace of the last dance. So choose someone you feel comfortable with, so that having them there enhances the experience and makes the day more fun, more enjoyable and far more relaxed.

My Bio:
I’m basically an expert on/in Love. I have my BA in Sexuality Marriage & Family Studies, which I’ve used to create my coaching business encompassing body love, relationships and sexual health. I also have an absolute obsession with cheesy, romantic and epic love stories, which makes me everyone’s go-to girl for all things love.
My biggest focus right now is a program and series of workshops and events called Badass Body Love which uses yoga, movement and dance to inspire women to fall in love with their bodies and move through the world with the confidence of a queen, or goddess or Khaleesi (yes, I’m a Game of Thrones fan!). — want to know more?  Check me out here: www.igniteyourflow.com
As of the spring of 2016, I am working with Captured Soul Photography as their Administrative Coordinator and Brand Ambassador (which is only furthering my adoration of love and ceremonies and gorgeous flower shots).  

Other than working with Captured Soul, my dream job is:
Travelling around the world, dancing on beaches and helping women fall head over heels in love with their bodies (oh wait…I do, do that! :D)

Languages Spoken:
English, un petit peu de Français, y un poquito Español.

Invaluable Member of the Captured Soul Photography Family
Since 2016.

We’ll go practically anywhere in the world to capture your dream, your life, and your love.
Captured Soul Photography
Based in Toronto, Barrie, Cambridge & Elmira, Ontario, Photographing World-Wide
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Email: reba@capturedsoulphotography.com
we are also a WPIC Certified wedding planner

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