About Luc

I live for photography; it’s my passion and my joy. I also enjoy cooking, being surrounded by close friends, sharing what I’m passionate about with others, and chasing after sunsets or sunrises for that next great photo. My friends would describe me as genuine, dedicated and dependable – I know because I asked them!

Five words that describe me:
creative, outgoing, genuine, dependable, dedicated.

Why I wanted to be a wedding photographer:
I’m at that age where everyone I know is getting married or planning a wedding. There’s always a wedding on the horizon these days, and I love them; however, it wasn’t until I was involved in planning my own wedding that my love for photography took me in the direction of photographing weddings. There is so much involved in planning a wedding and I understand how everything flies by in a dazzling whirlwind of food, dancing, friends and family. It often can get difficult to focus & enjoy all those little details that you’ve put so much time & effort into planning your day. It was seeing the photographs of my own wedding, showing all the places I couldn’t be and the tiniest details that I had missed which made my appreciation for this art flourish. Wedding photography became my passion and my favorite type of photography since.

The most important piece of advice I have for a newly engaged couple:
Hold hands often, smile & listen to each other. Remember your wedding day is all for you, so enjoy it and don’t sweat the small stuff; you’ve planned things out to the best of your abilities and it’s very easy to get caught up in the intricacies the day of, don’t! Just relax and enjoy your day.

If I weren’t a wedding photographer, my dream job would be:
A Photography Professor, I absolutely love to teach and have been told that I’m very good at it, I have the patience and I know the subject matter as it’s what I love. Alternately I’ve always wondered if I could be an Opera Singer, if my singing in the shower is any proof, I think I could definitely be a pro at it. I have the flair for TV and I’ve also wanted to be a TV Personality or a News Broadcaster.

Now, one step closer to my dream job… What’s next for me?:
I’ll be focusing my energy on helping my significant other’s new career in real estate & capturing images of the beautiful homes that will be listed.

What I’ll miss most about capturing weddings:
I will miss all the magical moments that happen during the day of the wedding, the sweet couples, their friends & families. All the amazingly beautiful speeches I’ve had the pleasure of hearing throughout the years. The lovely couples I’ve had a pleasure of meeting & getting to know.

Invaluable Member of the Captured Soul Photography Family
From 2014 to 2017.


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