About Lindsay

I love weddings, I love love; is that cheesy? I am a romantic at heart and can’t get enough of the smiles, the tears and those amazing heart felt moments and the best thing ever is that I can capture them forever!  I am quick to smile and share a laugh, and maybe just maybe a few tears of joy.  I am also a new mom and my world has been flipped upside down, its a roller-coaster of emotions and smiles.

Five words that describe me:
fun, outgoing, certain, dreamer, foodie

Why I wanted to be a wedding photographer:
I wanted to be a wedding photographer because of the experiences that you get to see and feel with wonderful people. I loved being part of the planning as an event coordinator, but missed too much. I missed the getting ready, the ceremony, all the fun times during the day. Now I get to experience the whole thing, start to finish, to the brides first cup of coffee to the last dance.

My photography style:
I find my “style” to be more easy going and relaxed. I love when things just work out right, the right couple the right setting and the right light. I get so excited when shooting and the sun is hitting just there and the couple is so in love, that is my style. I like to go with the how the couple feels that day, the more happy and relaxed you feel is the feeling you will get from your pictures. I love a great candid shot, and sometimes can’t help turning it to black and white it makes it seem so classic. I love colour and bright (destination weddings can’t go wrong there!) I like when photos just pop!

My experience in the wedding industry:
I have been in the wedding industry for the past 6 years, and have loved every moment. I started as an Event Coordinator which just wet my feet for what I am doing now. As a coordinator I learned a lot, and loved it, but I found you missed so much of the wedding day. Through photography I get to experience the whole day.

Why I love weddings:
I love weddings for the way they make you feel! For the warmness that starts in your heart and fills you from head to toe, like eating warm chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. Everyone is always happy, everyone has a hug or a kind word to say, there is nothing that can wreck a wedding day when there is true love behind it.

Why I love being a wedding photographer:
I love doing wedding photography for the moments, all those surprise moments people don’t think you see but do. For being welcomed into a family, people you have never met invite you in to their lives for the day and treat you like their own, they want you to share in their happiness, and that is a wonderful feeling!

The most important piece of advice I have for a newly engaged couple:
Take your time! Love all the small part of planning! I find couples get wrapped up in all the small things, and you begin to stress, when in the great scheme of things at the end of it, it really doesn’t matter! You are marrying the person you love and going on one of life’s most amazing journeys. Enjoy!

The type of couple that is the best fit for me:
I find that the couples that suit me best are the ones looking to have fun! Who don’t want a completely structured day and are open to having a good time, and possibly break with tradition and get some really amazing photos! I also have a very outgoing personality, always talking, always having fun, so a couple who is like me — oh the possibilities for the day!

Why I should be your wedding photographer:
I think what makes me the best choice for any couple is because I understand how important the big day is. My experience as an event coordinator has taught me that, as well as my attention to detail, to see all the little things, to capture all of those special moments.

If I weren’t a wedding photographer, my dream job would be:
If I wasn’t a wedding photographer, I would be a chef! A world renowned famous chef with a restaurant in Paris!

Invaluable Member of the Captured Soul Photography Family
Since 2010.

Lindsay’s Ontario Wedding Photography packages start at $1000. for three hours and range up to $2800. taxes included for a full 12 hour day.  Her portfolio and custom package calculator can be found right here.  Lindsay also captures amazing destination weddings – prices can be found here.

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