About Katerina


Five words that describe me:
sociable, creative, reliable, energetic, dedicated.

Why I wanted to be a wedding photographer:
I have a huge family, and weddings have always been a way to bring everyone together. As far back as I remember, I was always the family designated photographer running around trying to capture those special moments and that passion of that small teenage girl still exists today (even though I am far from that small teenage girl). I get so drawn into the moment during weddings that as I am shooting that perfect shot, you will often see me wipe tears from my eyes because I am personally touched by the moment before me and can’t hold back.

My photography style:
My style is very simple: light, vibrant and fun. It doesn’t matter if I am shooting a wedding, a baby, family or a boudoir session, my main goal is to make my clients comfortable in front of the camera, enjoy every moment of our day together, help them let go of any of their insecurities, and just simply ENJOY.

My experience in the wedding industry:
For a very long time photography was simply a hobby, bringing my, at the time, somewhat “fancy” camera to the weddings of my family and friends. Almost 7 years ago I started shooting weddings as an assistant photographer and received the best hands on knowledge I could have possibly asked for. Five years ago a friend of mine hired a wedding photographer and unfortunately had a horrible experience. The day before the wedding she called me while in tears, asking if I could step in and save the day. Word of mouth is a wonderful thing… things just expanded from there. Within a month, my whole summer was booked up to full capacity and I have been enjoying every minute of it ever since.

Why I love weddings:
Weddings are truly magical and something special. Every moment is so genuine, so real, and extremely inspiring. Every wedding has a different story to tell, a different inspiration behind the perfect dress and shoes, the one thing that makes it special to the bride and groom, and that one little detail that brings everything together.

Why I love being a wedding photographer:
Words can’t even describe what I feel. I have the honour to be there for that moment when the mom puts the veil on the bride, that breathtaking moment when you see a father have tears in his eyes as he sees his daughter for the first time, the moment when a mother is getting ready with her son and can’t believe the man he grew up to be, that absolutely amazing moment when the bride and groom say their I do’s… I can go on forever. Every wedding is unique, and I love that as a wedding photographer, I get to experience different cultures, and different traditions.

The most important piece of advice I have for a newly engaged couple:
There are so many things that I can tell them but nothing is as important as this: Stop, breathe, relax and ENJOY!

Why I should be your wedding photographer:
I should be your wedding photographer not only because you fell in love with my portfolio but because after our first meeting we hit it off and you can honestly say that you want to spend your wedding day laughing, crying, horsing around and enjoying the day with me by your side… A lot of my couples have become more than just clients – we have become friends, and that means the world to me.

If I weren’t a wedding photographer, my dream job would be:
As a little girl I always dreamt of being a ballet teacher but once I hit high school I just didn’t seem to have the time for dance.

Languages Spoken:
English & Russian

Invaluable Member of the Captured Soul Photography Family
Since 2014.

Katerina’s Ontario Wedding Photography packages include a 2-photographer team and start at $1250. for three hours and range up to $2950. taxes included for a full 12 hour day.  Her portfolio and custom package calculator can be found right here.

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